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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Chlorine Gas Handling

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Chlorine Gas Handling


    This course will refresh your knowledge on to how to check, fit, operate and maintain Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Equipment. Participants will wear Breathing Apparatus and be taught operating procedures.

    This training is recommended for Lifeguards or Pool Managers who are required to wear breathing apparatus in the workplace - in a confined space, with hazardous gases, in an oxygen deficient atmosphere, in other situations requiring the wearing of a breathing apparatus.


    The Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard 2927 requires a SCBA unit to be kept at any public swimming pool or public place where chlorine is stored or used. The Western Australian Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities requires Pool Operators of Group 1 Swimming Pools to be proficient in the use of SCBA equipment.

    The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Refresher course will cover:

    • Hazardous environments requiring breathing protection
    • Relevant Australian Standards, Regulations explained
    • The Human respiratory system
    • Types of Breathing Apparatus
    • Communication Procedures
    • Risk Assessments and hierarchy of Hazard Control
    • Breathing Apparatus Key components
    • Calculating working duration & Emergency escape times
    • Using Breathing Apparatus Control Tally Boards
    • Breathing Apparatus Safety & Entrapment Procedures
    • After Use Cleaning, Maintenance & Testing Procedures

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