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Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer Course

Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer Course


    Gain the skills to become an Aquatic or Resuscitation Trainer.

    The Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to teach and assess Royal Life Saving Society WA awards, such as Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation.

    Learner Information Sheet


    Delivery Mode: Face-to-face

    Course duration: 5 hours


    Current Bronze Medallion or School teacher aquatic rescue training (START)

    Current Working With Children Check

    Co-presentation: After the course, candidates are required to co-present a Bronze Medallion course with a Royal Life Saving WA Assessor.

    Certification: RLSSWA Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer certificate

    Please note that Royal Life Saving WA Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainers can only deliver Royal Life Saving WA Awards that do not include any Unit of Competency.

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